Joan - Summit, NJ

John completely redid our front walk which was falling apart, and built from scratch a housing for an outdoor grill for us. He worked alongside Joan Piasecki of Acer Garden Design, with whom he collaborated on the design of both areas. They worked seamlessly and the quality of his work as can be seen in the photographs. It was really, really high.

But the best thing as far as I'm concerned, having worked with many different craftsmen for different areas of my house or in the interior design business, is that John is very communicative. He doesn't just do his work and disappear. He makes sure that I like what he's doing as he's doing it. It's not just "Okay leave me alone, I'm going to do your work," and boom its done and maybe as the homeowner I would not have had a chance to say "Well, could we fix this in the process." He will proactively come to me and he will say "what do you think of this?" and I'll say " I like it, continue" or say, "let's tweak this." In other words, not at the end of the project, in the middle of it, when things can be changed.

The quality of the finished product is excellent.

John has a good working relationship not only with other landscape designers in the area but also with building contractors, and is sensitive to the aesthetics of projects, whether they be walks leading up to houses or other buildings that are in the process of being remodeled, or being built but of course also in terms of what's going on with the landscaping plan.